Kayaking at Speedwell

We took the family kayaking at Speedwell Forge Lake this evening.  Speedwell is a PA Fish and Boat Commission lake and offers fishing and non-motorized boating and is located about 10 minutes from Furnace Hills Bed and Breakfast.  The weather was good, but a little windy.  We were fortuante to see a variety of birds, including an Osprey, many Cormorants, and a Tern that caught a fish right in front of us.  Speedwell makes a nice quick evening paddling trip and almost always offers great wildlife viewing.  We frequently see Great Blue, Green, and Black Crowned Night Herons, Kingfishers, Canada Geese, Red Tail Hawks, and turtles sunning themselves on logs.  Occasionally, one of the Bald Eagles from Middlecreek stops by, and once I saw a beaver.  If you are visiting the area, Speedwell Forge is definitly worth checking out.

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