Blackberry Season

It is Blackberry season again. We were expecting a good crop this year, but the recent lack of rain may limit the size and number of berries. One good rain, along with the hot sunny weather that we are having will likely make the bushes explode, so we are hoping for some rain soon. Our berries are wild Allegheny Blackberries, and we also pick wild wineberries (AKA foxberries or dewberries), which finished up a week ago.
If you visit us in late July, you are likely to have plump, fresh blackberries along with breakfast. If not, you can enjoy our berries in any season, as we use them to make a variety of jellies and jams (blackberry, wineberry, and various mixes of these and strawberries), as well as Liz’s famous pancake topping, muffins, crumb cake, pies, and other baked goods.

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