Biking at Middlecreek

Middlecreek Wildlife Management area offers biking opportunites for all ages and skill levels. We took our five and seven year olds the other evening to practice in the parking lot and on the back roads on the north side of the lake. The loop around the lake is about 5.5 miles of flat to gently rolling hills and makes a nice leisurly ride on which you can watch song-birds and waterfowl. From Furnace Hills Bed and Breakfast, the ride over the hill, around the lake, and back again, is about ten miles and features a couple of fairly strenuous climbs on either end of the loop around the lake. For the more serious road cyclists, the area offers limitless routes on back roads through farmland and forests on level roads, rolling hills, and some of the most challenging climbs in the region. For mountain bikers, the horseshoe trail and other connecting trails offer moderate to extreme trail riding opportunites. Bring your bike, and we would be glad to help you plan a route that suits your skill level and interests. Of course, Middlecreek offers exceptional songbird and waterfowl viewing and the museum is a great stop for the family, but we’ll write about that in another post….

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